• Introduce Of Bon Dej Kav Company

      Bon Dej Kav Company ( BDK ) established in 2004 . BDK has delivered about 29 contract projects so far (25 Execution Projects and 4 contract manager). Moreover BDK has delivered 6 consultation projects. Highly educated staff which make BDK to get special project includes 1 person in PhD, 6 persons in MS Eng and 30 person in graduate staff mostly more than 10 years experience in structural, mechanical, electrical, metallurgy etc. BDK has received ISO9001:2008 of Alliance Company in 2010.
        1. Quality Policy
          The most valuable asset of the company is our human resource
        1. Certificates
          Certificates and awards that Bon dej kav company has received
      1. Extension of ISO 9001
        After visiting and testing again of executive management , our certificate expand. This extension is a mark of Excellent management in Bon Dej Kav Company.
      1. New Grade
        BDK Company recieved grade one in construction of Iran Govermental Organization
      1. Diplomatic Office
        Newest Picture from frontage of Iran Diplomatic Office in Karbala (Iraq) is in this post. Other news to be continued ...
    • Bon Dej Kav Company
      Phone Number :
      (+9821) 82480 (30 Lines)
      (+9821) 88740819
      (+9821) 88544734
      (+9821) 88517231
      (+9821) 88755176
      (+9821) 88523630

      Fax :
      (+9821) 88752041

      E-mail : info@bdk-co.com

      Address :
      Un. 4/ No. 8/ 8 Av./ Mir Emad St. / Tehran/ Iran

      You can fill out the form and send to us.

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